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GKM WI TEU Intermodal Platform celebrates its 10th Anniversary on May 1, 2024!

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GKM WI Platform Operations Center Manager, Midwest Carriers, OPENED their new multi-purpose warehouse campus and TEU Process Center on April 5, 2024.

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GKM WI Global Supply Chain, LLC (a Wisconsin Corporation) conduct informative TEU Management facility tours in Joliet, IL.

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The Wisconsin Platform addresses concerns about container turns and drayage shortages. The Platform also stabilizes flows, helps clients manage costs, and increases supply-chain efficiencies for companies using Chicago, the largest inland port in the world.

The Wisconsin Platform can help companies who are struggling to:

-Vessel Management at Origin

-Process goods through NA Ports

-Transload Imports to 53′ Vans for delivery

-Locate goods

-Secure chassis

-Transload exports to 20′ or 40″ containers for delivery to rail

What is the GKM Wisconsin TEU Intermodal Circuitous Platform?

Researched for two years, written in 2012 and piloted in 2014; the Wisconsin Platform is the most sustainable solution for problems related to servicing import and export TEUs for companies in Wisconsin.

The GKM Wisconsin Platform is a copyright and patent protected algorithm with rules that precisely identify supply-chain and related sequences.

Perfected by GKM Wisconsin Global Supply Chain, LLC, which is one of the world’s preeminent experts in managing TEUs; the Platform is a sustainable solution for importers and exporters because it uses integrated equity analytics that create linear and non-linear substrates. Output from models determine how best to execute and manage domestic and international supply chain execution.

The Wisconsin Platform has retained every single client onboarded over the past eight years.

The Wisconsin Platform provides Vollrath with greater control of import freight flows. By acting as our de-consolidation partner near the Chicago port, the Wisconsin Platform eliminates our concerns with container turns and dray shortages while allowing us to prioritize freight as needed. It lowers risk and increases our ability to come through for our stakeholders.”

Benjamin Andrews, Manager Int. Logistics & Customs Compliance, Vollrath

Read more about Wisconsin Platform’s presentation to the Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

GKM Wisconsin has worked with companies in Wisconsin since 2015 and sponsored dozens of information sessions throughout the state. The goal of the Wisconsin Platform presentations is to allow manufacturers and producers to hear from users about solutions they integrated to better manage import and export supply chains. Information sessions are just that; no sales or marketing occurs and only manufacturers and producers can attend.

Hear what others are saying about the Wisconsin Platform:

“Innovative problem solving using analytical methods is the most ‘in-demand’ skill I hear about from our employer partners. Given the large base of manufacturers in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Platform is a great example of the application of this skill in a context that is particularly relevant to the state.”

Jake Dean, Director, Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, University of Wisconsin School of Business

“The Platform provides value by allowing me to manage from the tower. My company uses the Platform to unload floor loaded containers and palletize by PO and product type. This saves our dock a lot of time. My containers are pulled from the rail ramp timely, avoiding any demurrage fees.”

Andrew Houtz, Transportation Director, School Specialties

“The platform has allowed us to streamline our logistics process. We went from moving freight daily to a consolidated freight shipment once a week saving considerable time and expense also allowing us to focus on other areas lacking attention prior to us onboarding. It has been everything advertised to us and more.”

Kevin Brauer, Logistics Manager, BTG IPI, LLC

Our 450,000+ square-foot International TEU processing complex in Joliet, Illinois recovers TEUs, processes and prepares them for transit to GKM Wisconsin Platform clients based on their load specifications and priority.

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About how the GKM Wisconsin Platform helps service importers and exporters in Wisconsin who are having issues or concerns managing their global supply chain from the tower. Complete this form to learn how the WI Platform provides options for mitigating TEU instability at inland and coastal ports. Brian Harris, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of GKM WI Global Supply Chain can be reached via email or phone.

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Prior to 2020, GKM WI hosted 4 Information Sessions annually. They were held at UW Madison, Osh Kosh, Green Bay, and other college extensions in Sheboygan, and Appleton. We look forward to seeing you at our next Information Session.

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